Thank you for your interest! We are so excited to launch our first instance of HoldenMack's Enthusiast Program and we are so glad to have you on this journey with us.

We are looking for up to ten(10) little enthusiasts, with no preference on gender, ages 0-3M through YXS.

We are accepting applications now through June 15th, but before completing the application below, let's go over a few details:


  • The three-month Enthusiast period will be July 1st through September 30th, 2016.
  • HoldenMack Enthusiasts must create a customer account with HoldenMack. You can do so by clicking on the Profile icon in the upper right corner of any page at www.holdenmack.com.


  • Enthusiasts, upon acceptance, will be provided a personalized 30% discount code to use at www.HoldenMack.com.
  • A minimum of one order must have been placed prior to Monday, June 20th, 2016.
  • There are no preferred items the Enthusiast must purchase, however there is a minimum of three items that need to be purchased during the three-month Enthusiast period (more than the three items may be purchased).
  • Items to be used in the Enthusiast role will be limited to tops, onesies, and swaddles.


  • A minimum of one post a week will be required.  We are requesting all Enthusiasts to post on Wednesdays between 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM CST.
  • Posts must include #HoldenMackEnthusiast 

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Please email hello@holdenmack.com or Instagram @holdenmack with any questions or concerns.