Wow, about time for an update!

We have been so busy developing our baby onesies and toddler tshirts that we have forgotten to keep up with our blog!.  Things thus far have been quite an adventure, from finding and negotiating with manufacturers, product design and sampling, maintaining an online store, as well as learning new social media outlets.  Well, new is relative, considering I had never used Pinterest or Etsy until about two months ago!

So, yes we are on Etsy and are building a following on Pinterest and Instagram, so please gives us a follow on either (or all three) and keep an eye out for special promo codes.

We have a couple of designs we are working on and are so excited that this little store is picking up steam.  Thank you so much for everyone that has viewed our store, read our story, and interacted with us as a result.  We value everyone's support and truly believe that we would not be where we are without you.

Everyone, thank you so much for everything!